December 11, 2012

Digipen Senior Project

I totally realized I never posted this up. This was our final project for our senior year at Digipen. It was originally designed to be a 3/5 minute short with 2d Sequences and an extra cave environment but like any production issues arose along the way and we had to sadly scrap many things. In the end we had to cut it down to a trailer of what it was suppose to be. It really hurt but it had to be finished and polished, even if it was just a trailer. 

The particular shots I animated are the dragon fire breath (FX not done by me), Kid on the ground reaching behind him, and the sword grab. I of course had many other shots but they were taken out as we pushed towards the end. 

Im going to be uploading a bunch of animatics, storyboards and art from this since I really love the pre production work we put into this.

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