About Me

My name is Matthew Broderick and I am a 3D Animator.

I was born on Whidbey Island in the very green and wet Washington State. While I was younger and in school I played games like most kids and at those times I wanted to make games but never figured I could make an actual career choice on it. Games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy had a rich story telling with animated scenes and I got really interested and excited about 3D animation Near the end of my high school I heard about DigiPen and the realization of possibly working at a Game or Animation studio started to become more plausible.

After graduating from Oak Harbor High School I quickly applied to Digipen and got an accepted. After 5 years of Digipen I am excited for any animation opportunity that I have come my way, and I was fortunate enough to quickly get an internship which lead into a full time position at Gas Powered Games. Im currently employeed at Hi Rez studios of the long drive to Atlanta, I have been here since 2013 and currently a Senior Animator.

Email contact: mattbroderi@gmail.com