December 3, 2012

3D Knight WIP

 After a super busy November I have finally been able to get around to modeling this guy. Just modeling off my original sketch I did and planning to do a large variety of game animations and possibly some short animated sequences. Since I really enjoyed the puppet shop rig for 3D max I will be using that again, it really lets me create various animation cycles easily and I like its setup since this isn't going to be super high poly character.

Still a lot of work to do but this is a WIP right now. Still need to do another pass on him to smooth some things out but I did want to leave a feeling of low poly to him vs high poly. Of course texture work as well which should be interesting since im still not sure what I want to do with him. And I might also try out some zbrush sculpting but not sure yet since I really just want to get to animating.

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