April 5, 2013

'Blind' demo level

Back in late February I joined up a small team of people working on a game on Unity. The basic game idea was you played a blind thief and you 'saw' the world through sound. I liked the idea and I have been wanting to learn Unity so I decided to jump on board.

 Here is the link to 'working' test build: digitalraingames.com/files/BlindBuilds/Recruit%20Scene.html

Controls: 'wasd' for movement, camera is controlled by mouse, 'spacebar' lets you crouch and un crouch, 'b' lets out a sound wave, '1' pulls out the sling shot and you can right click to aim and shoot with left click.

Guards react to sight and sound, so if you crouch walk up behind them they wont hear you but if you run they will. You can crouch past them under certain objects and they cannot see you. They do chase you and can knock you down.

Your sling shot (animation for the string is bugged and wont be pulled back right now) you can ready and shoot at guards to disable them for a short time. As well you can hit the ground of objects near them and they will react to the sound.

Obviously this is just a test scene and lots of bugs (ignore the giant women) as well as some old art assets and animations, but its the start of our idea. But this is all my animation and so far Unity has been very friendly about getting animations working in game, we are only dealing with the sling shot not animating correctly since its switching parents and such.

Whats next?

Well we already have a new hero mesh and that is way higher poly and designed a bit different. We have a new weapon/tool the "sound stick" which allows you to hit the ground ('b' button in demo) to reveal an area around you. We are grabbing another artist cause we will need one for more models and more texturing that will need to be done.

Animation wise I got some things like jumping in and out of windows, over fences, polishing or redoing some of the existing stuff.

So I plan to update on new iterations of the game in the future when they actually do setup a build.

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Jack said...

Hi Matt! Looks cool; I've really got to start following your blog (as soon as I post this comment XP)! Good luck with it all, esp. learning Unity ... while working with it XD Always the funnest way to learn something!